Bill Monning Kicks Off His Campaign for State Assembly


Monning is all smiles as he leaves his campaign kickoff at Colton Hall en route to another campaign stop in Santa Cruz


Only a Monning campaign event could have brought together the kind of crowd that turned up today at noon in front of Colton Hall in Monterey. Environmental activists from up and down the coast, Latino leaders from the Salinas Valley, elected officials, students, academics, small business owners, and so on. From doctors to dishwashers and from surfers to golfers they came streaming in from all directions.

Why in this campaign-weary climate would so many people (including us) give up their lunch hour to listen to a candidate? Well …. Monning is about as far from being an ordinary candidate as Dick Cheney is from being the Dalai Lama.

Monning’s decades of environmental and social justice work in Monterey County (and beyond) and his international reputation as a negotiator and mediator, give him perspective and abilities that are extraordinary. And just how good is Monning at bringing people together? Well, let’s put it this way; Monterey County Supervisors Potter, Armenta and Salinas aren’t exactly renowned for seeing eye to eye on the issues, but all three have endorsed Bill Monning.

Bottom line is we, together with a lot of other people, are stoked that Bill Monning, who could undoubtedly be doing something far more personally rewarding with his time than going through the hell of campaigning, is willing to do this important job for us.

Find out more about Bill at his campaign’s website.


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