Today Marina, Tomorrow the County – Mayor Ila Mettee-McCutchon’s Civic Uglification Project

Marina Mayor and candidate for the 4th District Seat on the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, Ila Mettee-McCutchon, is one of Monterey County’s most unusual public officials. While most mayors have been fighting to preserve the scenic values that keep residents happy, tourists coming, and hospitality industry dollars flowing, Mettee-McCutchon has been marching to the beat of a different drummer.

First there was Mettee-McCutchon’s enthusiastic embrace of the recently completed and nearly universally loathed “The Dunes” shopping center. After all, nothing screams bad planning quite like a generic big-box center right at the edge of a might-have-been-scenic coastal highway. But don’t expect to find her hanging her head in shame.

Mettee-McCutchon is now expressing support for a plan to build a “luxury” auto dealership on what is currently open space just up the highway to the north of  “The Dunes.” Well, once you’ve decided to compete with your sister cities for those precious retail tax dollars by turning the highway through your town into a lowest-common-denominator chain store retail gauntlet, why do it halfway?

The real question is what Mettee-McCutchon will do to the county as a whole should she make it to the Board of Supervisors. Let’s hope we don’t find out.

Support Jane Parker for Supervisor!  


One Response to Today Marina, Tomorrow the County – Mayor Ila Mettee-McCutchon’s Civic Uglification Project

  1. Mitt Romney says:

    Hey! What’s all this sarcastic rhetoric? If left to you tree-huggers, we’d all be driving to San Jose to buy our luxury cars and driving to Salinas to shop at a big box bargain store! Thank goodness for sensible politicians like my friend Mettee-McCutchon.

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